KORODUR GmbH & Co  have been established (1936) and are a family owned business and have been specialists in the manufacture of mineral hard aggregate for cementitious heavy-duty industrial floors. They have supplied more than 300 million square metres of industrial flooring around the world to blue chip companies such as Caterpillar, Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz to mention but a few.

Experience has shown that industrial floors are one of the most stressed part of the building. KORODUR industrial floors have proven for decades that their range of flooring systems from Dry Shakes to Wet on Wet systems offer the most hard wearing and wear resistant industrial floors in the long term and is always the most economical solution.

They also offer a large range of products for the rehabilitation of damaged or delaminated floors.

KORODUR have a distribution network around the world in more than 40 countries, and thanks to extensive research and development KORODUR has managed to diversify and has entered into other specialist areas.

In 2012 KORODUR started the exclusive licensed partnership with the US market leader in high performance cements, CTS Cement Manufacturing Ltd, for the production and the Europe wide distribution of Rapid Set products.

CTS Cement has developed the unique and high performance Rapid Set Technology to give you 80% of its structural strength in 1 hour and allowing it to be trafficked within 1-1.5 hours.

It is non-shrink , Multipurpose Sulphate Resistant, has twice the life cycle of standard Portland cement concrete, and has reduced co2 emissions.

Currently a range of Rapid Set products are being used on major motorway, and airport projects in the UK, and allowing contractors to undertake works that would have not been possible using conventional materials.

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