P.A.M. advanced and unique technology is ideal for concrete surface preparation. It does all the supporting and positioning for overhead work, beams, walls and inclined surfaces. By providing effortless handling for the worker the benefits are immediate and the quality of life is enhance. You can now focus on increasing contracts capacity.

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The Leader in Grinders and Diamond Saws

STM offer a variety of pavement grinders and saws to suit every surface preparation need. From the smaller ride-on Worx grinders to large diesel powered Vac Trac grinders with intergrated dust collector. These units can perform a wide variety of functions such as thermoplastic and paint line removal, grooving for inlaid pavement marking, diamond sawing for recessed markers and various types of surface preparation.

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EDCO Surface Preparation Products

STM offer a complete line of easy-to-use surface-preparation equipment for every step of your job.

More than 50 industries use EDCO products to grind, scarify, remove surface materials, scrub, clean, saw, finish and prepare concrete for overlays, waterproofing membranes, joint sealing, and terrazzo and epoxy installations.

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STM, Specialised Tools & Machinery are specialists in surface preparation and sawing equipment.

We provide the surface preparation and sawing equipment industries with long-lasting products made to withstand the daily use and abuse of the surface rehabilitation and maintenance industry.

STM are the Exclusive UK agents for EDCO, the leader in Surface Preparation, Repair, Restoration and Professional Sawing Equipment and Dickson Industries, fully automated grinding and sawing systems.

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